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Structural design and manufacture with high strength steel

Most companies have a big potential to make lighter, stronger and more competitive constructions by using modern high strength materials. This is valid for most constructions, but the biggest benefits can be achieved in cranes, trailers, build-on units for vehicles, components of passenger cars, trucks, busses, loaders, containers, agricultural machinery and various pipe constructions.

Increases in performance can be achieved in the form of an increased payload, lifetime and energy absorption - often at a lower total cost and a lower environmental impact. For best result, design and production methods are matched up with the properties of the new material.

I can help you to assess the improvement potential in an initial analysis which can be followed by a more careful analysis considering static load carrying capacity, fatigue resistance, stiffness, buckling, introduction of loads, energy absorption, wear, corrosion resistance as well as forming and joining.

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Jan-Olof Sperle
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